Ashley Storrie @ Laughing Horse at The Counting House

Engaging storytelling from a comedian on the rise

Review by Eve Livingston | 10 Aug 2018
  • Ashley Storrie

The concept of ‘adulting’ - the struggle that young people nowadays have growing up - is fairly obvious stand-up fodder, but Ashley Storrie’s knack for telling a good story breathes a new lease of life into an oft-covered topic.

She doesn’t take the easy route either, with lengthy material about her autistic father and cervical smear tests providing some of the highlights of what is an overall engaging hour. Storrie is a natural performer, bantering with the audience and moving between anecdotes with the delivery of a particularly funny friend filling you in on their life. Her punchlines are good, but it’s in this building of a story where Storrie is at her strongest.

This is perhaps why her use of a video – some of the clips she has made for social media have garnered millions of views, she tells us – provides a slightly flat conclusion to an hour where we have most enjoyed hearing from her directly. The content isn’t bad but its scripted nature comes off slightly forced when juxtaposed with the hour she’s just delivered with genuine warmth and audience engagement.

There’s no doubting, though, that Storrie is a natural performer and Adulting underlines she is a comedian with a bright future.

Ashley Storrie: Adulting, Laughing Horse at The Counting House (Ballroom), 2-26 Aug, 8pm, Free

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