Ashley Storrie @ Laughing Horse, Counting House

Ashley Storrie demonstrates her flair for storytelling, and it's all backed up with solid punchlines

Review by Polly Glynn | 11 Aug 2017
  • Ashley Storrie

Born into Scottish comedy royalty (Janey Godley is her mother), you might think Storrie would want to shy away from the microphone. Happily chatting away to the audience as they file in, commenting on dungarees dresses and crepes, she effortlessly puts the room at ease. For a show about love for her family, it’s a comforting start. Storrie excels at being candid and Morning Glory emphasises this skill. Tales of living with a father with autism and his knack for terrible gifts are fantastically frank, as is her account of a naughty school incident. Despite her childlike demeanour, there’s also a reading of presidential erotica and sexpeditions, all delivered with a gleeful giggle.

It’s heartwarming at times too; the admiration for her parents is overwhelming, as is the affection for her non-gangster Granda’. It’s not a super polished, high concept hour, but there's a quality to Storrie's storytelling. It’s a well-executed set of genuine, enjoyable stand-up from a breakout star of the Scottish comedy scene.

Ashley Storrie: Morning Glory, Laughing Horse at The Counting House (Ballroom), until 27 Aug, 6.45pm, Free