Angus and Duncan's Teatime Treat

Article by Edward Whelan | 27 Aug 2009

One of them had gone home already so out of 'Angus and Duncan' we just had the latter to lead us through an hour of stand up - instead of Angus we had two guests.

Duncan Bolt kicks off the first twenty minutes with good material, but he is hampered throughout by a flustered awkwardness. He has some of the twitches and verbal tics of Harry Hill but the effect is weakened by a lack of confidence behind them. Caroline Mabey, second on, similarly fidgets distractedly throughout her set though she seems more comfortable on stage. The best act of the afternoon is Andrew Watts, a rotund scholarly type who soon had the audience wide-eyed with his speed-talking explosions of geekery. He dissects subjects with pernickety insistence and handles the mysteries of relationships with graphs and charts. Some of the punch lines came out a little forced but his mix of pomposity and dark humour were an original treat.