Andy Daly @ Gilded Balloon

It’s alive! Join Andy Daly and his monstrous incarnations

Review by James McColl | 09 Aug 2017
  • Andy Daly

Bring out the monsters! Renowned character actor and improviser Andy Daly invites us to spend an evening with his dark comic creations in Monsters Take Your Questions. Here, Daly presents three of his best known deplorables (from a long list of deplorables). Said monsters include a cowboy poet, an elderly theatre director and the founder of the Church of Scientology.

Daly knows his characters inside out. Each opening monologue flows and is a pleasure to watch. In this, his first Edinburgh show, he has little problem tearing through audience questions, with each new character more twisted and opportunistic with their answers; this is the perfect format for Daly. The show is more than an hour of improvising, a well thought-out structure that lets him introduce his more outlandish concepts and ideas through audience participation.

Daly has curated a rich comedic universe for his characters to exist in and this show allows him to dip in and out of that universe. The Q&A format puts Daly under little pressure but nether does it stretch his characters. With a twinkle in his eye, Daly invites us in to his colourful world and lures us into liking even the most monstrous of his creations.

Andy Daly: Monsters Take Your Questions, Gilded Balloon, Teviot (Wine Bar), until 13 Aug, 8.30pm, £10.50-13.50