An Englishwoman, a Scotswoman and an Irishwoman

Article by Simon Fielding | 19 Aug 2011
  • An Englishwoman, a Scotswoman and an Irishwoman

If English manners are grounded in a sense of timid politeness and a fear of pushing matters too far, I can't think of a less suitable representative for that nation than JoJo Sutherland. Born in Aylesbury, and therefore this afternoon's Englishwoman, she delivers acidic tales on her dislike of children and the complications of erotic costume whilst casually goading the front row. Obviously steeped in a very Scottish, caustic, scathing brand of humour, Sutherland is about as English as Alex Salmond. This short set goes down a treat.

Official Scotswoman Viv Gee proves to be a major source of enjoyment with her indignant railings against the miseries of drunken texts. On the surface, her material expresses a bafflement with modern technology. However, the subject matter allows her to explore the shadowy worlds of the psyche. A well-worked piece on a paranoia inducing phone call to her husband is sharply observed and warmly received. Another hit.

Pauline Goldsmith closes the show with an uncompromising set on grey pubic hair, an ambitious Scottish boyfriend and the Northern-Irish attitude towards affection. An articulate documenter of family misunderstandings, she peaks with an excellent routine on a relative who gets words brilliantly wrong. A feisty conclusion to a consistently funny show.

Run ended.