Alun Cochrane: Moments of Alun

Article by Barrie Morgan | 10 Aug 2011
  • Alun Cochrane: Moments of Alun

With some friends doing arena tours and having just bought a new house, Alun Cochrane is aiming for the middle of the road with his latest show. He succeeds, but at what cost?

By his own admission Cochrane has a tendency to stray into some comedic areas that others aren't interested in. Therefore, witness a slight sea change to encompass a bigger demographic. During his hour show, Cochrane talks us through the thought process of writing comedy for a more 'mainstream' crowd. The result is a set that seems to be documenting said transition. More a clever business move than an artistic one.

The observational comedy is top-notch, however, with one particular insight into men's toilet habits a personal highlight. Cochrane has great ability to make such universal insights alongside more honest and personal anecdotes from his 'real' life. There are glimpses of a great humourist at work but never sustained or edgy enough to make him stand out. But then again, if you're a fan of the vanilla, mainstream comics then you could do a lot worse.

Alun Cochrane: Moments of Alun, Stand 1, Aug 5-29 (not 15), 18:50. Tickets £10.