Alexis Dubus: A R*ddy Brief History of Swearing

Article by Rebecca Gordon | 20 Aug 2009

Gleefully encouraging his 5 o’clock crowd to cry out their favourite swearwords, Alexis Dubus opens A R*ddy Brief History of Swearing to his sniggering audience with a kind of class clown confidence. But, rather than an hour of potty-mouthed tomfoolery, Dubus goes on to perform what can only be described as an amusingly blasphemous jaunt through swearword history. Bolstered by various etymological facts and TV show ‘f*ck’-counts, Dubus works mildly humorous swear-based anecdotes around the concept like an inappropriately blue after-dinner speaker. But, for all his character-actor poise, Dubus fails to animate a distinctly quiet audience, prompting us to beg the question; why has he brought this show round for the second year running?