Alexander Bennett @ PBH Free Fringe, Waverley Bar

A passionate and praiseworthy hour from Alexander Bennett

Review by Yasmin Hackett | 14 Aug 2018
  • Alexander Bennett

Alexander Bennett has brought another hour of dark observational comedy to the Fringe this year. This time, he offers ‘one cute joke’, a contingency in case the material ever gets too dark (he does indeed use it, and it is indeed cute). Bennett has a flair for one-liners, which are peppered throughout. While some of the delivery can be a little off at times, and it can feel a little cheesy, the show definitely picks up in the second half, as Bennett moves into the material that he is clearly more passionate about. Because of this, overall, it comes across as a very well-structured and thoughtful hour.

There are unfortunately hecklers in, but Bennett knows how to handle them, and the audience (even the hecklers) are very much on his side. With that, the end of the show takes a bit of a turn, as he talks about the power dynamics between men and women. He offers some food for thought on this, putting a different spin on the stereotypes, especially when using an example of his own personal experience which noticeably moves the audience. The show ends on a brighter note, and, ultimately, brings an end to a very praiseworthy hour.

Alexander Bennett: Housewives' Favourite, PBH Free Fringe, Waverley Bar (Upstairs Lounge), 4-26 Aug (not 15), 7:30pm, Free

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