Aidan Bishop - No Sissy Stuff at Edinburgh Fringe: Review

Review by Paul Mitchell | 23 Aug 2009

Christmas 2007, and good boy Aidan Bishop has just received a present from Santa. It’s Fisher Price’s My First Stand-up Show. Inside, it’s got a booklet with chapters including; 'the difference between boys and girls', 'why being gay is funny', and 'accents are awesome – even if it’s just your own'.

The young Bishop slavishly devotes himself to memorising (not always successfully) the entire booklet without paying much heed to the fact it was first published in 1978 and never subsequently revised. With a nod to the ‘improv and interaction’ chapter Aidan involves the audience to little discernible effect, but draws genuine laughter by deliberately making a total tit of himself, which was way funnier than when that was happening incidentally.