Adam Strauss: Varieties of Religious Experience

Review by Katy Spry | 29 Aug 2012

A tale of rocky love, feeling lost then getting back on track, something I’m sure most of us can identify with. Also, of feeling trapped; in this case it is at the hands of Adam’s once severe OCD affliction and his quest to regain control of his life. As a result Strauss sought comfort in psychedelic drugs for a while.

Did you know Cactus, if prepared correctly, can have a similar affect as magic mushrooms? I didn't. Not that Adam is condoning drug taking nor is he judging, but you do leave with a rather vivid insight into what a drug trip may entail. Enough to realise you’re probably happy never really knowing, subsequently leaving me in no doubt that Adam is an extremely gifted storyteller.

Slightly misleading that Strauss’ show falls under the comedy category in most Fringe guides; although his show was amusing, even Strauss himself admitted it was more of a monologue as opposed to proper stand-up. A little unfortunate considering I had heard Adam chat to the audience just before and straight after his set where you got a real glimpse of his comedy prowess. His performance consists of a series of intriguing, charming, at times touching series of anecdotes topped off with hope.

Adam Strauss: Varieties of Religious Experience, Royal Mile Tavern, until 25 August, 18:10, Free