Adam Larter @ Heroes, The Hive

An enjoyable hour of fun with the Weirdos collective's ringmaster

Review by Polly Glynn | 09 Aug 2017

As the founder of alternative comedy collective Weirdos, it’s understandable that Adam Larter’s comedy isn’t to everyone’s tastes. But you have to admire his eccentricity and commitment to L’Art Nouveau.

It’s a loose hour which occasionally returns to the central themes of vegetarianism and how Prince invented the Pringles can. Not that any of this matters at all. For a 1pm show, it is high energy (when Larter can move in his costume, that is), and the more the audience gets involved, the better the show is. 

There’s some brilliantly inspired sections such as human pass the parcel, real-life Sonic the Hedgehog and a song about hating plates, set to Steppenwolf’s seminal classic Born to be Wild., although a few of these sections go on quite a bit too long. L’Art Nouveau is a prop-heavy, self-indulgent hour of downright silliness. There’s nothing malicious about it and there’s no cutting jibes. It is one of those Fringe experiences that's simply there to enjoy.

Adam Larter: L'Art Noveau, Heroes at The Hive (Cave), until 26 Aug (not 12), 1pm, £5/PWYW