Abbie Murphy @ Laughing Horse, City Cafe

An ex-showgirl’s deadpan anecdotes of the industry is a hidden gem

Review by Holly Callender | 28 Aug 2018
  • Abbie Murphy

Soon after the audience shuffle in and settle into the City Cafe's tiny Las Vegas room, Abbie Murphy asks us for a Frank Sinatra rendition, then exits.

She quickly returns wearing an elaborate showgirl feather headdress, that she wears for Eat, Sleep, Shit, Shag’s entirety without referencing – at least not directly.

Murphy laments her time as a showgirl, working on cruises and escaping to Bollywood. It feels disjointed at parts, with material touching on tepid topics like getting older and being single. However, she really shines with tales of the hair and makeup room of a Bollywood set, and dancers’ obsession with their bowel movements.

It’s delivered with the jadedness of someone dispelled with the industry, providing a nice juxtaposition of the enthusiasm of a showgirl performance, and making the show all the funnier.

Her deadpan demeanor carries through to her confident audience interactions – managing to keep a straight face while asking an increasingly uncomfortable middle-aged man the last time he “went” is the work of a pro.

It’s easy to tell Murphy is an experienced (and established) performer and Eat, Sleep, Shit, Shag is a feather in her headdress.

Abbie Murphy: Eat Sleep Shit Shag, Laughing Horse, City Cafe (Las Vegas), run ended

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