A-Team - the musical

Article by Edward Whelan | 22 Aug 2009

A-Team the Musical is better than you think it’s going to be.

You’ve got all your classic A-Team elements in glorious cartoon extravagance. Cue the local boys demanding protection money, Hannibal’s disguises and the MPs closing on the teams tail as they beat up the bad guys and shoot up the place. Watching this, it's clear that only someone who loves The A-Team could have created this. Instead of just recreating a typical episode, the show knowingly mocks the ridiculous holes in the plot, the 80s sexism and, of course, their infamous ability to spray bullets whilst not hitting a single person. The A-Team themselves are wonderfully portrayed, and fans of the TV show shouldn't find it jarring to see different actors take on the roles. But the daft story and magnificently silly props and puppetry mean you won’t have to be a fan to laugh your head off.