99 Club Stand-Up Selection

Review by Elaine Reid | 14 Aug 2013
  • 99 Club

Presenting a new selection of four of the finest comedians from the Fringe each night for free, this show is stonkingly good value. These ripe talents will offer you a rich punnet of satisfyingly funny standup, so dig in! Tonight’s line-up demonstrated just why this show is so highly regarded each year.

First up the hilarious Dan Nightingale, who revealed how turning 32 had encouraged him to appreciate the value of reasonably priced, reasonably comfortable and reasonably fashionable clothes from Burton. It's also turned him into a Dickensian schoolteacher whenever he converses with the agonisingly hip staff in Topshop.

Second, Lee Wong, who takes advantage of his part-Chinese heritage to, among other things, shout through his letterbox and put off unwanted charity collectors coming to his flat. A witty young guy with a brilliantly dry and self-effacing humour.

Third, Michael Fabbri, who highlights how the internet can spiral out of control and off subject, demonstrating how you go from China to rich tea biscuits in just a few posts. An astute, funny comic who had the audience in creases.

Fourth, and my personal favourite, Australian Benny Boot. An energetic dude who buzzes on the stage and fires out a serious of incredibly funny short jokes. Covering everything from parrots to dynamite microphones, his enthusiasm is infectious.

Overall this foursome had the packed audience chortling throughout. Take advantage of this opportunity to see some of the finest acts of the Fringe for free – highly enjoyable and incredibly funny. 

The Free Sisters, 7-25 Aug, 8.45pm, Free.