Buried: A New Musical @ Underbelly Bristo Square

When a show gains sympathy for the devils, they’ve done something right. Unearth a surprisingly sentimental musical in Colla Voce Theatre's newest outing

Review by Dominic Corr | 13 Aug 2018

We’re a nation obsessed with macabre humour, just look at any Channel 4 line-up for evidence. We adore comedy and yet we crave for the dark. So, when basking in both, heightened with musical numbers there’s a chance for unearthing a killer formula in Buried: A New Musical.

Who wants to date when you can slaughter? These two find the right balance of the thrill, meeting people to lure them home for a quick ‘nightcap’. When Rose and Harry attempt to murder one another though, they embark on a witty, remarkably touching and sentimental journey of self-respect and love. Oh, and a whole lot of murder. Wouldn’t want you thinking they go soft.

History has claimed the image of Jack the Ripper, the Americans; Patrick Bateman – so where do our modern serial killing love birds fit? They’re so gloriously British it makes you want to weep. Lindsay Mannion’s portrayal of Rose is heartfelt yet chillingly alluring. Charming, sarcastic and when paired with Sebastian Belli’s awkward charm, complete with puns, the two just sync perfectly.

Vocally they complement one another, the ensemble to are remarkable singers and extraordinary character performers. Lyrically, Buried is a welcome addition to the Fringe musical scene with undertones of Stephen Sondheim.

Compact is one word for the staging, no fault of the performers – however, direction for such a constricted venue with the live band on stage could be addressed. Transitions can be messy, with inner workings often displayed. Without dragging the performance six-feet under it dampens the momentum slightly.

Scrape off the top layer of earth though to expose a touching sentiment of finding that person who you can truly be yourself around. Remove the mask – however, twisted, to just truly live. 

Buried: A New Musical, Underbelly Bristo Square, Until Aug 27th, 5:10pm, £12.80/£11.80

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