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This August, we’re getting into the festival spirit with a trio of events offering an alternative perspective on Art, Film and Books

Article | 01 Aug 2022
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Our Peripheral Visions season of free events at our new home in Codebase offer a chance to interact, explore and engage with the arts as the Edinburgh Festivals return in their full form for the first time since 2019. The events aren’t part of any official programmes, but instead aim to provide a fresh approach to three cultural genres in complement to their international festivals, celebrating what we love in an engaging, accessible way. It’s sort of like an IRL presentation of the magazine, but with free gin. To reserve your ticket, head to

ART: Make / Break / Create, Codebase, 5 August, 6-9pm FREE

Join artist and facilitator Sally Price and explore the possibilities of everyday objects and materials. Price specialises in material and process exploration through sculpture, drawing and craft. She is interested in how we interact with, react and relate to the physicality of everyday objects and materials via intuitive making and manipulation. The playful and cathartic nature of explorative making, and the impact of this personally, socially and environmentally, are ideas she explores in her personal work and socially engaged practice.

As Price told us: “Often as adults we shy away from playful, intuitive creating as the habitat of children, but it is so beneficial for [adults] to make space for it and allow ourselves to spend time being curious. These events, and the festivals they reflect, are a great opportunity to step out of the audience and take part in the creative process.”

FILM: The Cineskinny Podcast LIVE! Codebase, 15 August, 6-9pm FREE

The Skinny’s film podcast team – Jamie Dunn, Anahit Behrooz, Peter Simpson and Lewis Robertson – break out of their regular pod booth to record a live episode dedicated to the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

The gang will be reviewing their favourite films from the EIFF programme including opener Aftersun. They’ll be joined by award-winning animator Will Anderson, whose debut feature film A Cat Called Dom premieres at the festival, and discussing curation with Xuanlin Tham, with more guests yet to be announced.

This event is sponsored by Curate-It, a new course delivered in app form that provides participants with all they need to know for implementing their own screening event.

As part of this year’s festival, EIFF and Curate-It offered seven fellowships to Scotland-based early career curators. Over the last ten weeks, Camila Arriaga Torres, Chloe Charlton, Indigo Korres, Jennifer Pert, Joanne Lee, Maria Wrang-Rasmussen and Wacera Kamonji have undertaken the Curate-It course and curated a broad range of bold and engaging film events responding to the 50th anniversary of the Women’s Film Festival.

Their events will be available to watch online during the festival on the Curate-It VoD platform here

BOOKS: 404 Ink's Inklings, Codebase, 19 August, 6-9pm FREE

404 Ink is an award-winning publisher established in Edinburgh in 2016, by Heather McDaid & Laura Jones, best known for publishing the acclaimed Nasty Women and most recently the Inklings series.

The groundbreaking Inklings series of non-fiction books has produced some incredibly exciting writing, from reflections on apocalyptic fiction to explorations of women in hip-hop. Subtitled Big Ideas to Carry in your Pocket, the pitches for the small format books are sourced from an open call, and released in annual commissions series.

Ahead of a new series of Inklings later this year, join us for a discussion chaired by Anahit Behrooz, with authors Katie Goh, Arusa Qureshi and Josephine Jay. Goh’s The End: Imagining the World Through Imagined Disasters was a 2021 release, as was Qureshi’s Flip the Script: How Women Came to Rule Hip Hop. Both have been widely acclaimed.

Behrooz and Jay are each part of the 2022 commissions cohort. Behrooz’s BFFs: The Radical Potential of Female Friendship examines female friendship as a site of radical intimacy, as told through the cultural touchstones around us, and will be released in March 2023. Jay’s Whatever Next? On Adult Adoptive Identities looking at mainstream narratives of adoption in the media and the damage that has caused to the adoptive community. It’s scheduled for release this September.

Tickets to all events are free, subject to venue capacity
Arrive in good time for your event and please return your tickets to the Eventbrite waiting list if you aren't able to make it
Peripheral Visions is sponsored by Edinburgh Gin and Bounce Back Drinks