The Big One: Faust

Article | 24 Jul 2009

When Tim Crouch wowed the Edinburgh Festivals with his new conceptual play England two years ago, all it consisted of in terms of production was Crouch and Hannah Wringham, dressed as themselves, in the Fruitmarket Gallery. Nothing wrong with that.

But when theatre can go epic, high-entertainment, frightening and grand, all within the bounds of appropriateness to subject matter, then fuck it, why not?

Some level of cavalier confidence has undoubtedly gone into Silviu Purcarete's free adaptation of Goethe's Faust, which features a cast of over 100, far-out costumes, fire, blood, and more suffering than you can shake a strobe light at.

If you will go and sell your soul in pursuit of infinite knowledge, you can at least be assured it won't be small-time.

And if you get out to Ingliston this August, you can be sure of a appropriately massive experience.

Faust, Lowland Hall, Ingliston, 18-22 Aug (22nd sold out), 7.30pm, £20.