Heads Up @ Dance Base

Review by Stephanie Green | 19 Sep 2013
  • Heads Up @ Dance Base

Heads Up is a smorgsbord of delights over 3 days, each day a new, last-minute programme of extracts of what's on at Dance Base, but also a cornucopia of invited guests from the wider festival and beyond. If you don't know what dance to go to, or want a crash course in different styles, this is a fantastic way to sample what's on.

The Past Inside the Present choreographed by L. Boyes and R. Synge is a sample of a work-in-progress of charming and thought-provoking dance and theatre by five members of Dance Base's over-60s group, Goldens, which confounds the stereotyping of old age. A lovely companion film by Synge is also on show in Dance Base's Paradiso cinema. The exquisite Indian dancers Menaka PP Bora in beautiful red, yellow and orange costume performed Sattriya, a combination of classical Indian and folkloric elements developed from monks' ritualistic dance from Assam.

A contemporary dance, Black and Blue, choreographed by Kate Rafter,  is a highly physical, dark and aggressive piece including wrestling moves, and to lighten the mood there is a wonderfully funny piece by the two Mustdashios involving vulgar beach-wear and much tan spray.

The highlight is the hilariously silly New Art Club, Tom Roden and Pete Shenton, the celebrity guests who are wowing the Fringe at Assembly 3.  Tales of moths head-butting and the hunger for clothes (audience participation warning) was just a taster for their full-length show. Extremely varied, amazing and imaginative: a festival gem. 

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