Lacey Hill on Deer Woman

Singer songwriter Lacey Hill composed the music for Deer Woman and accompanies the performance each night; we talk to Hill

Feature | 01 Aug 2019
  • Deer Woman

What inspired you when you were writing the music for Deer Woman?
Lacey Hill: I was first invited by ARTICLE 11 to write music for Deer Woman when it was a live reading. I was inspired by the storyline and how it speaks to the connection sisters have because I know that connection being an older sister to two. Deer Woman is a story told and written about everyday realities for Indigenous women in Canada; I was inspired to write the songs because I am an Indigenous woman in Canada.

How did the collaborative process work?
Team Deer Woman is made up of two very talented and established artists in the theatre world, director Andy Moro and playwright Tara Beagan. Actress Cherish Violet Blood is my partner whom I wanted to support as best I could. So later I was mentored to develop my skills in what it means to put on a play. We all work hard together with love for the project.

To what extent do you think music can help people focus on what unites them rather than their differences?
I believe it’s one of the only things holding us together. Music brings us to a sense of belonging, the tones, notes, timing, rhythm and frequencies coming together to create a power great enough to bring people together in a way nothing else can. It’s truly magical, really, when you think about it. 

Why should people at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival see Deer Woman?
The storyline is amazingly disturbing and Cherish Violet Blood is friggin brilliant! She amazes me every time. I would like them to leave with a feeling that will stick with them for days.

Deer Woman has toured around the world – how has the reception changed?
The common experience thus far in our travels together is, we have played in places where an almost all Indigenous audience was possible.

Deer Woman has created a momentum with every show, every word – this story needs to be told. The shock has always changed of course but this play keeps getting stronger.

Deer Woman is at CanadaHub, King’s Hall, 31 Jul-24 Aug (not 5,12,19), 2.30pm, £11 (£9)