EIFF launch: On the Carpet with Keira Knightley et al

When YoungScot contacted us to say that two of their members had been to the international premiere of The Edge of Love last week, we were impressed. When we read their report, and heard that these reporters were just 16 and 18 respectively, we were very impressed. Here are their impressions of the night...

Feature by Jonathan Grant | 25 Jun 2008

Flashy. Fake. Distant. Three things we, as young reporters and fresh eyes on the world premiere of The Edge of Love starring Keira Knightly, Sienna Miller and Matthew Rhys, definitely expected.

One of these expectations was soon proved wrong when we managed to battle our way through the professional journalists to take our seats in the very front row of the press conference, sitting just feet away from the cast. We had agreed before the conference started that we’d find it extremely difficult to fit in our questions, assuming the experienced journalists were going to be fighting over the microphone to ask theirs. However, the interview was very relaxed, with questions from the journalists very scarce.

The attitude of the stars was equally as relaxed. Sienna Miller was extremely quiet, almost shy it seemed, but shared a very amiable relationship with co-star Keira Knightley. The two were giggling, sharing whispers and nudging each other throughout the conference, acting very naturally.

The writer of the film, and mother to Keira Knightley, Sharman MacDonald, shared a few comments with her daughter also. Whilst answering a question about Keira Knightley’s singing in the film, MacDonald admitted that the singing was added into Keira’s part as an act of revenge.

It seems that the easy-going nature of the actors was not only apparent during the press conference. When asked about how director, John Maybury, found working with the big stars, he admitted that he barely had to do any directing at all, that the chemistry was fantastic between the actors. He agreed that at points of filming he was able to just sit back and watch the scenes. However Keira Knightley did announce that she felt very guilty when forcing Maybury to shoot about ten takes of the final scene.

Our own Lucy Keen managed to fit in one of only seven or eight questions from the press. She asked Brothers and Sisters star Matthew Rhys how he found the transition from acting in the hit TV series to acting on a film set. He replied that in America they “knock it up very quickly”, where with John Maybury there were minimal takes because they were in a “happy and safe” environment and had time to breathe. He felt he wasn’t as rushed on the film set.

Cineworld, as well as organising for us to view the film, also allowed us to walk up the red carpet. It was a very bizarre experience, with professional photographers taking our pictures, probably just to warm up their cameras, but we liked to think they thought we were slightly famous. Unfortunately, the pressure got to us and we made our way in too quickly to catch any of the stars.


The cast came into the theatre to introduce the film, which we both agreed was fantastic. The acting was very natural and the characters were very strong. It wasn’t exactly as we expected, perhaps more violent and graphical in parts, but was very gripping.

Perhaps the most exciting day of our lives so far and we’d love to have the opportunity to do it again.



We've got a full gallery of shots from the night here.