Digital Culture Highlights this June

Article by Claire Brunton | 28 May 2009

The world's oldest continually running film festival returns in June. This year the Edinburgh International Film Festival has included several digital events in its stellar exhibition of UK and international film-making.

Producer Phil Streather will be explaining the secrets of the technology which has cinemas across the country clamouring to become 3D enabled at the 3D Explained event at Cineworld on 27 June (10.30, £6.50/£5.50). Streather will use his 2003 production Bugs! (which is currently being given the 3D treatment) to explain how the technology works and what significance the 3D revolution has in artistic terms.

The festival is also showcasing a number of programmes of animation shorts. The best of new British and international shorts fusing traditional techniques with modern technology will be shown as part of the McLaren Animation and International Animation programmes at Filmhouse on the 20/21 and 21/22 June respectively (20 Jun - 18.20, 21 Jun - 12.00 (International) and 18.45 (McLaren), and 22 Jun 11.15, all £6.50/£5.50).

Edinburgh University's Informatics department will host its annual (public) Milner Lecture on 1 June. And Logic Begat Computer Science: When Giants Roamed The Earth by Rice University's Moshe Y. Vardi will address the growing interaction between logic and computer science (16.00, 10 Crichton Place, Edinburgh).

The Electron Club's Open Day will take place on Saturday 13 June at Glasgow's Centre for Contemporary Arts (14.00-20.00). The Electron Club is a volunteer-run space for those interested in open source software, hardware hacking and audio and video editing to meet and share ideas and equipment. The Open Day will provide to opportunity to see and try out the range of technology members have come up with and meet others with similar interests.