Unbound: Andrew Rae and the Music Machines

Life's a peach when you have a moon for a head. Striking, fun, musical and creative - celebrate the mystic of Moonhead with illustrators and musicians coming together, including Aussies Electric Fields and more

Feature by Heather McDaid | 03 Jul 2018
Life's a peach when you have a moon for a head. So says Andrew Rae with his graphic novel Moonhead and the Music Machine. Joey's head can wander into galactic reveries, escape the dullness of earth, and then in one snap he's back to the reality of being a teenage boy – it's much crueler here. Moonhead and the Music Machine is a psychedelic, bizarre, but ultimately fun coming-of-age story - the school talent show comes around, and so he embarks on his mission to create the musical machine to rule them all, the best there's ever been.
Striking, fun, musical and creative - what better way to celebrate the mystique of Moonhead than a jolly gang of illustrators and musicians coming together for some tunes and live drawing? Featuring Aussies Electric Fields and more, it's a night that promises to shoot for the moon.
Andrew Rae and the Music Machines, Charlotte Square Gardens, Edinburgh International Book Festival, Spiegeltent, Sun 12 Aug, 9pm