The Glasgow School of Art MDes Fashion & Textiles Promenade

Preview by Natasha Cornall | 15 Sep 2013

Glasgow School of Art is known throughout the world as one of Europe’s foremost creative institutions. Notable alumni include actor Peter Capaldi (Graphic Design) and fashion designer/musician Pam Hogg (Textiles) so head on down to this year’s MDes Fashion & Textiles promenade and you might spot a future Doctor Who or the next punk idol!

This year’s degree show for GSAs 2013 graduates – a fortnight-long event showcasing the talent of students across a multitude of disciplines – will reach its climax on the evening of Thursday 26 September, with the MDes Fashion & Textiles promenade. Held at the Lighthouse, located in the heart of Glasgow’s city centre, guests will see a total of ten collections from this year’s MDes students.

Chang-Lui and Stephanie McAvoy both studied at the Glasgow School of Art as undergraduates before continuing onto the MDes Fashion & Textiles course – but this is where their similarities end. The silhouettes in Chang-Lui’s collection have been inspired by the shapes of the traditional architecture in her native China, and by historical Chinese helmets and body armour. Her collection, designed to be worn by both men and women, showcases a collection made from chunky mohair and cotton yarns in a cream and orange palette.

Stephanie McAvoy’s collection, on the other hand, was inspired by the deep colours and bold geometric shapes commonly found in Art Deco style jewellery. Her womenswear collection, featuring batwing dresses and caped coats, is full of abstract shapes and angular silhouettes. She chooses fabric based on its draping qualities – silk jersey, mohair, wool and cashmere – and has inserted sheer fabric panels to create striking textural and visual contrasts.

After first coming to Glasgow from Australia in 2010, Julie White fell in love with the Glasgow School of Art, and was particularly keen on the MDes programme’s opportunity to collaborate with the Centre for Advanced Textiles. Her designs always start with the print, and for this collection her prints were inspired by designers such as William Morris’s use of nature and formal composition. Her ‘luxe-casual’ womenswear garments – shirts, jackets and trousers – bring a modern twist to old classics with their fun and lively colours.

Another student hailing from far-away shores, Ning Wang studied for her BA in Fashion Design in Beijing before coming to Glasgow. Ning Wang’s fabrics feature her own drawings and illustrations, the designs of which come from her dreams and unconscious imagination; she draws inspiration from artists as diverse as the Surrealists and contemporary graphic novelists. Her menswear collection features bomber jackets, trousers, shirts and sweatshirts, she has used silk crepe satin and cotton fabrics, with silhouettes inspired by old school hip hop and 1970s pop styles.

Look forward to seeing diverse styles, unique silhouettes and skillful manipulation of fabrics – get your tickets now.

7pm, 8pm and 9pm 26 Sep, the Lighthouse, Glasgow, £10. Tickets will be available for sale at both the GSA Shop and the Lighthouse