The Glasgow School of Art 2014 MDes Fashion Promenade

Preview by Morgan McTiernan | 01 Sep 2014

Glasgow School of Art is known for producing a diverse range of talent in the arts, and it is seen as one of the most prominent schools in educating the next big stars in fashion. The annual masters degree show, which takes place from 6-12 September, will showcase works by graduating students across the wide range of subjects undertaken at GSA.

Reaching the end of the week long showcase is the Glasgow School of Art 2014 MDes Fashion Promenades, which will be held on Friday 12 September in the Reid Auditorium. The event will present collections designed by the 2014 class of the Master of Design in Fashion and Textiles programme. The programme is designed to help textile graduates to refine their 'design signature' and to create a collection of garments highlighting their development.

Student Ting Chen's womenswear collection is inspired by the Japanese motif, Ukiyo-e, which translates as 'pictures of the floating world' and is a genre of woodblock prints and paintings that originated from Japan in the 17th century. The flat colours and abstract feel to the artworks is what drew Ting Chen to the Japanese influence. Chen's designs are made in fabrics of silk satin and organza where the most prominent pattern is of goldfish, which was taken from the movie, Sakuran. In creating her designs, Chen's initial pattern was hand drawn and then scanned into the computer for colouring. Her silhouette is influenced by the Japanese traditional garment of the kimono – she has used the crossover collar and loose sleeves in her designs.

Homegrown talent Kelly Mcgrath will also be showcasing her menswear collection at Friday's event. Kelly Mcgrath takes her inspiration from her fascination with The Blitz Kids, who are known for launching the New Romantic subcultural movement. Mcgrath became inspired by the silhouettes from that period and built her collection around the high wasted tapered leg trouser, the oversized shirt and overcoat. Mcgrath's illustrations, which complement the bold prints of the Blitz Kids era, stem from naturalist illustrators such as Swainson and Haeckel, where she visited aquariums and museums and took inspiration in the creatures she saw to create a portfolio of work that she later digitally printed onto fabrics.

Russian born Irina Gusakova's collection grew from her inspiration of Op Art, in particular artists Bridget Riley, Rafael Soto and Lousie Bourgeois, whose works make use of optical illusions. Gusakova's garments recreate the optical illusions through patterns which she achieves by working solely with stripes. She experimented with different techniques like patch-working, flocking and foiling, halftone and digital printing in finding new ways to portray stripes in the fabric. In order to enhance the illusory effect, Gusakova's silhouettes comprise of clean and crisp line of the 60s A-line shapes that are complemented with box pleats and folds.

Other interesting designers whose collections feature at the MDes Fashion Promenades include Pei Shan Wu whose menswear look includes wood veneers and designer Jade Starmore, a graduate of Communication Design at GSA before undertaking the Master programme, who presents her knitwear collection.

With the variety of designers showcasing their collections at this year's MDes Fashion Promenade, the event is looking to be a spectacular show of talent, where the students embrace their artistic ability to combine fine art with designing fashion.

Reid Auditorium, Renfrew Street, Glasgow, Fri 12 Sep, 7pm