Ten30: Gentlemen's Sewing Club

Preview by Nadine Walker | 31 Oct 2012

The modern day man isn’t all football and beer guzzling. A fact that Ten30's Alan Moore is determined to prove with his monthly gentlemen’s sewing evening. Girls need not apply to this stylish event.

The sewing evening takes place on the last Wednesday of every month in Sloans, Glasgow, which will dish out whiskey sour cocktails while the men get creative (because sewing can be thirsty work). And Sloans, with its rustic wood and dark masculine furniture, seems to be the ideal setting for the event.

As the creative brain behind award-winning Glasgow brand Ten30, Moore has decided that the local lads need to be able to work a needle and thread, saying: “Ten30 think all men should be able to sew on buttons and hem trousers, and maybe bring back a revival in decorative embroidery while they're at it.

“There appears to be a negative stigma around men who sew. Ten30 are changing that. How many of our fathers, grandfathers or great uncles knew how to sew way back when? Tailors, soldiers and sailors are all great men who sew. Not just for fashion or aesthetics but for necessity and survival,” he adds, careful to stress the class is more cool than school. Moore explains that the evening takes more of a “skill sharing event” form where Moore and the attendees could talk about anything from fashion to shoe polishing (and other manly pass-times too).

The next sewing evening will be held on Wednesday 24 November, and costs £20 which includes a whiskey sour cocktail and all the material and equipment you will need. Spaces are limited to 10 gents per class, so get yout ticket now before they sell out! [Nadine Walker]