Pringle and The Princess

Preview by Alexandra Fiddes | 15 Oct 2013

Pringle of Scotland had a homecoming last Friday when the label showcased its Princess Grace: More Than An Image collection, held in Edinburgh's Signet Library.

Inspired by the elegant and timeless style of Princess Grace of Monaco, the collection was created in collaboration with Central St Martin's MA and BA Fashion students, who carried out extensive research facilitated by the Nouveau Musee National de Monaco. The students had access to the Palace Archives, the Bibliotheque Municipale Louis Notari, The Archives Audiovisuelles De Monaco and The Gardern Club of Monaco - where they focused on Princess Grace's everyday wardrobe choices as well as her personal interests.

The 18-piece strong knit collection, consists of both classic and fashion forward pieces in a mainly black, grey and cobalt blue colour palette. The garments are made from 100% cashmere and are manufactured in the town of Hawick in the Scottish borders. These simple pieces are elevated by subtle and beautiful design details such as a neat bow on a neckline, a gathered twist of fabric or a line of monogrammed buttons running down the back of a garment. Although, our favourite pieces are the not-so-subtle 'GRACE' and 'KELLY' slogan sweaters, that were inspired by a found photograph of the young Grace wearing a tee emblazoned with the phrase 'Kelly for Brickworks' in support of the family's construction company.

The stunning capsule collection will be available exclusively in-store at the Jane Davidson boutique on Thistle Street. Be quick though, as it's sure to sell out!