Noir! #9 A Tribute to Alexander McQueen @ Summerhall

Preview by Alexandra Fiddes | 05 Aug 2011
  • Noir! 9

On Saturday 13 August Noir! will return with its 9th incarnation 'A Tribute to Alexander McQueen.' This time the fashion, music and art collective will create an event housed in 'The Dissection Room' in Edinburgh's new Fringe venue Summerhall (previously the former ‘Dick Vet’ building of Edinburgh University) a grisly, macabre and perfectly appropriate setting.

McQueen will set both the tone and the theme of the multi-disciplinary night, which will be inspired both by his design aesthetic and his avant garde attitude. "As an artist his legacy is very powerful, he stood for bold originality and we really wanted to honour that," said co-organiser Jonathan Freemantle, adding, "He was more than just a fashion designer, he was able to change the way we looked at the world, he informed it and gave it colour.

"Most inspiring were his fashion shows where he often stepped right out of the expected model and into performance art or theatre." A concept that heavily influences the events that Noir! produce.

The latest party will be centred around a catwalk show presenting both mens and womenswear collections from Harvey Nichols, showing mostly McQueen pieces alongside a few stand-out garments from other designers who have a connection with McQueen.

But why now? "We were moved to do some kind of tribute a while back and so when we heard about the recently unveiled memorial stone on the Isle of Skye, we felt the time was right," Freemantle explained.

Also being showcased at the event will be two film pieces by award winning directors. Daniel Warren's Mercury, created for Scottish Ballet's 40th anniversary, gives the viewer a glimpse into the dancers world of movement. As well as Black by Chloe Coetsee and Givan Lotz which explores ideas of mysticism and ritual which earlier in the year was exhibited alongside the Black Coffee fashion installation at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York and in the Iziko National Gallery, Cape Town.

Additionally, there will be a pop-up installation (dis)ambiguation featuring the work of various local artists whose outcomes, like McQueen's, regularly show a fascination with hybrid creatures and animal form.

Music will be provided by a special guest from Tinderbox Orchestra, Fozzie Sayers and DJ hosting by Hobbes (Trouble/Limbo/Wonky).

With all eyes on the Edinburgh for the notorious festival season, it seems appropriate that the designer who when asked what his Scottish roots meant to him replied "Everything" can be used as an inspiration for such an event in the capital this August.


Tickets are £10 - £5 in advance.

1 Summerhall, Edinburgh, EH9 1QH. 0131 560 1590