Edinburgh Online Fashion Week

Preview by Rena Niamh Smith | 28 Aug 2012

The upcoming Edinburgh Online Fashion Week is a unique insight into the possibilities for fashion in a digital age. It will showcase the best of the city’s design, with everyone able to get a front row seat!

To celebrate the end of the EOFW filming, the organisers are hosting a party at Quartermile One on the 7
September to give guests a preview of what’s to come. A catwalk show featuring the Autumn/Winter 2012 collections of participating designers and graduates is a taster of what to expect. Limited to only 250 guests, it will be a celebration of the team's hard work, and will provide a tangible event for what will otherwise be essentially a virtual experience.

EOFW, broadcast in October, will be a five day affair of catwalk shows streamed live online. Participants include established fashion designers, students, high street stores and independent boutiques.
Spectators will watch through their laptops, tablets or smart phones and thanks to the beauty of the world wide web, the logistical nightmare of seating, venue space and mid-show mishaps will be neatly avoided. Instead, what is to be presented will be a perfectly curated, here’s-what-I-made-earlier composition that should represent
exactly what the people behind the collections intended. What’s more, rather than being busy backstage in the typical manic rush to send their work down the traditional runway, designers will be able to relax and watch the show alongside guests on the same live streamed, most democratic front row of them all.

So join EOFW for a unique opportunity to celebrate all the work done so far and to raise a toast to the future of fashion, in terms of both technology and talent.

Follow Edinburgh Online Fashion Week here - @edinofw Quartermile, Edinburgh, 4 Sep. Doors open to guest from 7pm with the catwalk show starting at 8pm lasting approx 45 minutes http://www.edinburghonlinefashionweek.com