Atelier E.B: Ost End Girls Collection Showroom

Preview by Ailsa Mullins | 11 Jun 2013

Atelier E.B is the name that artist Lucy McKenzie and designer Becca Lipscombe work under for their collaborative projects. It was started in 2007 by Lipscombe and illustrator Bernie Reid who are both based in Edinburgh, and McKenzie who is from Glasgow but now lives in Brussels. This 13-16 June, Inverleith House will showcase the groups' second fashion collection, named Ost End Girls.

The foundation of their collaboration is the, "desire to re-invigorate the pre-existing Scottish textile industry." Atelier E.B uses a traditional approach that is sensitive to historical information and research, which is also "a completely radical approach, as it sets its own terms of production, dissemination, and discourse." McKenzie and Lipscombe are committed to working with local industry and independent producers. Think Scottish tradition meets modern Belgian chic!

Atelier E.B have in the past, produced high quality garments in cashmere and knitwear as well as working with interiors (for private and public spaces), furniture and in publishing! Their second fashion collection, Ost End Girls, will include winter essentials; sought after overcoats and cashmere track suits. Along side staple winter pieces, for the first time, Atelier E.B. is presenting a summer range; colouful beach throws and easy wear t-shirts.

Additionally, a range of cashmere scarves, jewellery and accessories will be availbale, these can easily be worn from season to season. All the work is sold directly to individuals in the showroom, where you can try on and order the pieces, "keeping costs down and encouraging a relationship with the customer." We're certainly looking forward to it!


10am-5.30 pm Inverleith House, Edinburgh Free Admission