Starter for 6: Harvest Skate Company

In our latest sampling from Starter for 6, we take a look at skatewear startup Harvest Skate Company, and talk to founders Jamie Johnson and Kieran Forbes

Feature by Alexandra Fiddes | 06 Jan 2013

Launched in early December 2012, the Harvest Skate Company is the brainchild of illustrator Jamie Johnson (you may have seen his intricate work in previous issues of The Skinny) and tailor Kieron Forbes. As recent recipients of the prestigious Cultural Enterprise Office Starter for 6 programme, the duo have begun to produce artist-designed skateboard decks, publications and a limited edition clothing line. As well as providing a support network for young, up-and-coming skateboarders.

With over ten years of skateboarding under their belts themselves (each!) and both with creative backgrounds, it seemed like an obvious step for them to create something that encompassed their two passions. "There seemed to be a gap in the exposure of Scottish skateboarding and skateboarders. We want to provide a platform for them as well as giving artists and designers a new way to showcase their talent," Johnson and Forbes say of their new multi-media brand. "It highlights Scottish creativity and the flourishing skateboarding scene here. With so much unique talent apparent at the moment, it made us decide to get something going. "

The first run of garments by the Harvest Skate Company mainly consists of sweatshirts and tees in neutral colours with subtle screen printed or hand-embroided elements, which were designed by Johnson and Forbes themselves. "We kept the pieces clean and simple in order to give the logo and the name room to breathe." All the items made are "hand finished, honest and thoughtful."

In the coming months, expect to see a collection of outerwear added to the line (in collaboration with a British designer - details under wraps until the release date), with design details and colour graphics by local artists including Matthew Swan, Dominic Kesterton, Albie Clark and Struan Teague. "We are both interested and involved with visual art in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee and were aware of other illustrators and artists through being involved in various group exhibitions around the country," say Johnson and Forbes. "It's essentially a win win situation for ourselves and all the artists involved - we get their work out there, whilst showing what sort of aesthetic we are into as a brand."

Do Johnson and Forbes have any new year's resolutions for their new start-up? "To sleep, communicate and to work hard." Can't get much better than that!

For more information about the Harvest Skate Company or to buy limited edition apparel, publications or skateboard decks, visit or Focus Skate Store @harvestskateco