Q&A with Liverpool John Moores graduating student Alicia Littler

We asked Liverpool John Moores Fashion Communication students to speak to their peers in Fashion Design ahead of their upcoming fashion show, to find out more about their work. In this instalment, Charly Calvey and Jennie Blake speak with Alicia Littler

Feature by Charly Calvey and Jennie Blake | 01 May 2014

Name: Alicia Littler
Age: 22
University: Liverpool John Moores 
Contact: alicialittler@hotmail.com

Collection Title: Confine and Control

The Skinny: Where are you from?

Alicia Littler: Liverpool

Why are you studying fashion?

I studied fashion from an early age in school and I have loved creating things and reading fashion magazines ever since then.

Which designers inspire you?

Comme des Garcons, Celine, Phillip Lim.

What inspires you?

Photography is a main inspiration for me. Looking at fashion blogs and websites, but also in this final year, looking at other designers’ portfolios and work helps you develop your own style.

What was your main inspiration for this collection?

I visited a rundown mental asylum; at first I planned to research the asylum institution but when I visited the building I liked how run down it was with rubble everywhere and paint cracking on the walls. My collection is a mixture of clinical, clean-cut shapes and monochrome colours teamed with ruched and gathered fabrics and prints inspired by rubble and debris. The contrasts represent issues within mental health.

What has been the best advice you have ever been given?

Don’t give up.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Abroad; Milan hopefully. I want to own my own fashion line. I’m trying to find funding at the moment to undertake a Masters degree in fashion over there.

What have been your main highlights of this year?

Gaining more confidence in myself and realising I am capable of doing things I didn’t think I was able to do.

What other than fashion interests you?

Photography and I also really love nice food, my friends and I go to a lot of food and music festivals.

How would you describe your personal style?

I usually go for clean and classic styles. Since starting university my sense of style has changed; when you’re within the fashion environment you tend to look more at designers who inspire you and it gives you a more in-depth outlook on what you wear.

Where are you most happy?

When I’m researching, designing and creating. It doesn’t matter where.

Liverpool School of Art and Design Degree Show, private view (all welcome) Thu 29 May, 5pm-late, with the Fashion Catwalk Show commencing 8.30pm, by advance booking: phone 0151 904 1216 or email lsad@ljmu.ac.uk

Exhibition opens to the public 30 May–13 Jun, 10am-6pm, 12pm-6pm weekends

Held at the John Lennon Art and Design Building, Duckinfield Street, Liverpool