Noir! 6

Article by Emma Segal | 25 May 2010

The excitement surrounding ‘Rogue Milliner’ James Faulkner is evident from the string of international publications discussing his controversial work. Known for its ability to harness and support new talent, his collaboration with Scottish movement Noir! therefore seems a completely natural fit. Noir! is a movement founded by model Anna Freemantle and her husband, Jonathan. In homage to Andy Warhol’s factory movement, it aims to throw events which bring together the brightest and coolest talent from a variety of disciplines. The parties are thrown throughout Scottish cities. On Friday 14 May, it was hosted in the lavish setting of the Hawke and Hunter’s Green Room in Edinburgh.

It was a particularly exciting night, with the catwalk show being Faulkner’s grand post-graduation debut. The show featured all 36 pieces, lovingly made from a variety of interesting textures and materials. Drawing on his interest in taxidermy, Faulkner has become known for using the furs of road kill near his home. He justifies the use of these furs as creating something beautiful and new from something which is otherwise tragic and even sinister. His background is in fine art and the pieces were tastefully done, the furs and feathers used in a variety of interesting shapes and structures. Overall, they showed great promise. The pieces were accompanied by the latest collection of cashmere designer Belinda Robertson.

Also featuring on the night were new musical two piece Top Hat and indie rockers The Little Kicks. In between the shows and sets, DJ Craig Moogroove from Solardisco kept the crowd entertained and an impressive video installation by ECA graduate and ‘girl of the moment’ Rachel Maclean kept the vibe artistic and contemplative. In short, the night was a feast for the senses, and made me look forward to the next Noir! event.