Tom Lawrinson: Comedy Spotlight

Combine this comedian's lush locks and secret political masterplan and you've got a force to be reckoned with...

Feature by John Stansfield | 13 Mar 2017
  • Tom Lawrinson

Not short on confidence, Tom Lawrinson has a natural stage presence, imbuing any room with his charisma and beautiful, flowing locks. Thankfully he’s also an insightful and funny gentleman, cleverly turning stock gags on their head to reflect a ‘woke’ view of a world that has slept in for too long.

Taking a second stab at comedy after an ill-fated first gig (see below), he has gone away and honed his trade, learning that comedy is a lot more than confidence alone and showing a knack for writing strong material that's wrapped in a handsome package.

First gig: 

"I did King Gong in like 2010, I walked on stage to instant heckling, was not expecting it, should have though, I'd encountered haircut jealousy before. I tried to get some jokes out, but just gave up and went home. The worst thing about it wasn't the heckling but looking out and seeing hundreds of looks of pity and discomfort on the faces of the rest of the audience. Put me off for ages guy."

Best gig:

"I recently did a night called Good Grief at The Stand in Newcastle. The place was heaving, I got a beef burrito beforehand and Kevin Bridges was headlining. Drive up with Liam Pickford was dead funny too, he had two dinners that night."

Worst gig:

"Definitely 'The Worst Comedy Night in Salford'. I've been going for over two years and I rarely get any laughs, people don't even give me eye contact at that place. It's every other Tuesday at the King's Arms, nutcases come far and wide to express themselves comedically, all are welcome. So come. It's a terrible night but if you think you're better than it, you're not."

If you could be haunted by anyone, who would it be and why?

"Probably Anna Nicole Smith and I think we all know why :p. But if you don't know I'll tell you: just to have someone to talk to who has struggled with depression and addiction, knowing that I could vent with her without fear of judgment."

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing stand-up?

"I would be the leader of a political group so extreme, so repulsive, so abhorrent, that the mere existence of us would unite the right and the left to try and take me down. Essentially solving world peace. You're welcome sweety."

If you were on death row, what would your last meal be? And why are you on death row?

"Would have to be a burger, nothing special, double cheese with bacon with a sesame seed bun, none of that tacky brioche trash that they keep forcing down our necks and a custard doughnut. My crime? Finding the person who key'd my car, keeping them prisoner and not abiding by the rules of the Geneva Convention."

What’s the largest animal you think you could beat in a fight? No weapons.

"A dog, any dog. I think about this all the time. With most dogs their bark is worse than their bite, with me it's the opposite. I would sink my teeth into the scruff of its neck, poisoning it. (Not killing it mind.)"

Question from past Spotlighter Adam Staunton: Women in Comedy. Discuss.

"Frankly, I'm against it because anytime a Lady is being funny, it's distracting from the real issues like body shaming, gender wage gap and the lack of women on the circuit."

Tom Lawrinson is at the The Glee, Birmingham, 30 Mar; Grin & Tonic Comedy Club, Rotherham, 31 Mar; The Stand, Newcastle, 4 Apr; Frog and Bucket, Manchester, 20 Apr. Find him on Twitter: @tomlawrinson