Seann Walsh: Comedy Spotlight

Seann Walsh (Foster's Award nominee 2013, Live At The Apollo) brings his observational storytelling to both Glasgow and Edinburgh this weekend. He answers a very special set of Spotlight questions devised by Fred Fletch.

Feature by Fred Fletch | 17 Mar 2015

Which character from Police Academy do you most admire and why? (NB: You can't pick Mahoney, I have dibs on Mahoney)

That one that can't talk properly because he's the only other one I remember.

In the film The NeverEnding Story, Atreyu (Noah Hathaway) has to sneak past naked laser-sphinxes in order to save the fantastical land of Fantasia from The Nothing. Faced with a similar situation, which of your character weaknesses would lead to you being melted?

I have no idea what you're talking about but I'm very bad at listening to voicemails and getting back to people.

Is there anything sadder than the last 10 minutes of Terminator 2? And on that subject, do you call your father enough? (Please note if father in question is dead and/or missing at sea, please skip this question).

The first 10 minutes of Up. And my father is missing at sea.

You have decided to rob The Skinny's star cupboard. You can choose 3 comedians to assist you in your outrageously elaborate yet slightly sexy heist. Name them and assign them their roles.

Romesh Ranganathan is a good driver so he's in. My support act is a horrendous driver so he can get us sandwiches, and Pete Firman because he's a magician and that's got to come in handy.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Cowboy? Ghostbuster? Sea Captain like your father... Sorry, I didn't mean to remind you. Please skip this question if you're currently standing, weeping at the shore, cursing the cruel, merciless hand of Poseidon.

Kevin Costner.

If The Skinny offered you three wishes on the condition you had to take a dump in another comedian's car, whose car would you take a three-flusher in, and why? (Remember, we're offering you three wishes that may or may not result in deliciously ironic consequences).

Bobby Mair's because I think he wouldn't notice. Go and see Bobby Mair.

Seann Walsh: 28 plays at The Garage, Glasgow, 21 Mar, 7.30pm (£12/£10) and Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh, 22 Mar, 8pm (£14);,