Hannah Platt: Comedy Spotlight

As droll as Daria: find Merseyside-via-Manchester's finest misanthrope at a venue near you

Feature by John Stansfield | 09 Jan 2017
  • Hannah Platt

Hannah Platt lists Daria from the titular 90s MTV show as one of her inspirations, giving you some indication of the kind of misanthropic comedy that spouts forth from this diminutive Merseysider whenever she even slightly opens her mouth. (She also mentions former Spotlighter Kiri Pritchard-McLean, fully justifying our picks.) What you might not be expecting is just how dark a lens Platt sees the world through. With a monotone drone she perfectly captures a disaffected youth and a world-weariness that is far beyond her 24 years.

In just over a year of performing Platt has established herself as a fresh and unsurprisingly bleak voice of a new generation that is at odds with the world they will inherit. A dark comedic mind is nothing new, but Platt’s inventive turn of phrase and unwillingness to halt when audiences start to get a little squeamish mark her out as one to keep an eye on.


"Fern Brady, Michael J Dolan, Aparna Nancherla, Daria, Sharon Horgan, Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Aubrey Plaza, Trixie Mattel, Broad City, Lou Sanders, my bad decisions."

First gig:

"Another Comedy Night in Liverpool. I was really depressed and thought well, if they hate me, then we have that in common. I tend to think that before all gigs. And dates."

Best gig:

"Group Therapy in Manchester. I did it in the summer with Josie Long, David Trent and Daniel Simonsen. I’ve been to that gig so many times as a punter, and being well received by a room full of people who wanted to watch alternative comedy over anything else on a Saturday night was just ace."

Worst gig:

"Any gig where comedy has unexpectedly happened around the three people having a quiet drink at the pub/restaurant/wake."

If you could be haunted by anyone, who would it be and why?

"My downstairs neighbours. They'd have to be dead first but I wouldn't mind that."

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing stand-up?

"I used to do burlesque, so I'd probably still be failing at that. And I'd probably have a blog no one read."


"To be a male comedian. But I’d settle for being able to gig as much as possible."

If you lived in medieval times what would you do for a living?

"I go into a fit of rage when I can’t find the new episode of Toddlers and Tiaras on a free streaming site. I wouldn’t survive in medieval times."

What’s the largest animal you think you could beat in a fight? (No weapons.)

"I'm five foot one. I weigh just over six stone. I'm a goner in any physical fight. I have been told I can be needlessly vicious in arguments though. So maybe those talking parrots."

Question from past Spotlighter Adam Rowe: Why do you even bother?

"Because there’s a six-week waiting list for counselling in Manchester. That and to spread joy."

Hannah Platt is at The Badger, Chesterfield, 14 Jan. Find her on Twitter: @hannahtheplatt