Eleanor Morton: Comedy Spotlight

Eleanor Morton returns for Glasgow Comedy Festival to her university city. Much missed on the local scene, she's offering an early glimpse of the Fringe show she's developing based around throwing a birthday party.

Feature by Polly Glynn | 04 Mar 2016

You’ve managed your career between Scotland and London – do you feel like a dual citizen of the two places?

I feel more like a visiting ambassador, who also has to pay vast amounts of money to be there. London and Scotland are very similar in that in both places people ask, ‘Where do you come from?’

In London, you’ve been hanging around with that talented rabble known as the Weirdos Collective. You’re even bringing their mascot Joz Norris to Glasgow. Which comedians back here are you hoping will help you leave this cult?

I know the boys (and possibly girls?) from CHUNKS and they seem like they’re having a grand old time, so maybe if they took me in, that’d be nice. It’s great they’re promoting alternative comedy in Scotland. I doubt Joz could survive very long in Glasgow though; his favourite Scottish band is Orange Juice.

I hear you're really good at 'doing the clubbing'. Do you have a favourite move and do you wish you'd get more than just legally free tap water if you did it everywhere you went?

My favourite move is ‘jumping up and down until your hair gets really big'. I don’t need more than tap water – this engine runs on party.

This brings us nicely to your work-in-progress show on a birthday party theme. Now, we all know how birthday parties should go: cake, hats, a relative in the corner you can't remember the name of, but what's the most unorthodox birthday celebration you've ever attended?

I once had a suprise party thrown for me during a production of A Christmas Carol, so we were all sitting around in bonnets and hoop skirts eating party rings.

Are there any Lewises that you'd invite specifically to celebrate with Katie Lewis, whose friendship your show revolves around? I'm thinking Lewis the ITV detective, or Huey Lewis of The News and that. Any you'd add?

The people of the Isle of Lewis perhaps, and maybe John Lewis. If he promises to bring the food.

Is it really fair to give the birthday bumps to everyone, regardless of age?

They're a great way to subtly hurt someone you don't like.

The birthday buffet beckons. A plate of quiche and egg mayonnaise sandwiches sit in your lap. It was a very disappointing array. What's your party food staple?

Cocktail sausages and crisps stuffed in your mouth at the same time, to get an optimum range of flavours.

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Double Bill: Eleanor Morton and Joz Norris, Broadcast, Sun 27 Mar, 5pm, £4/£3.