Bridget Christie: Comedy Spotlight

Feature by Fringe Dog | 14 Mar 2017
  • Bridget Christie

With new show Because You Demanded It hitting Glasgow Comedy Festival this month, we present Bridget Christie's in-depth chat with Fringe Dog on books, ants and death

[Editor's note: Fringe Dog's questions on death were inspired by the original plans for Christie's 2016 Edinburgh Fringe show, entitled Mortal, which Christie subsequently scrapped in the wake of the Brexit vote. Fringe Dog does excellent research, but even he couldn't anticipate Christie's rapid response to the vote.]

hallo briliant bridget !! i am exited to see your new show about death ,the great equaliser ! would you agree that death is the ultimat feminist ??

"Hello brilliant dog. I am excited to see you too. can we meet up do you think? or are you like banksy and never reveal your true identity? I like how you have terrible spelling and punctuation and no caps and things that's a nice touch which I am going to copy for consistency.

"I have a feeling you might be a cat, actually. I hope that doesn't offend you, but both you and I know that even though you dogs have your good points, cats are much more pleasant, shitting in private and cleaning themselves. you guys seriously need to sort out your toilets habits. there's no point in learning to type if your arse is covered in dried bits of poop, mate. Sort it out please. No death isn't the ultimate feminist because women's funerals cost more than mens, didn't you know? its all the make up and hair and that, which dead men don't bother with."

i am six years old ,which mean i am one of the oldest comedy reviewers ,but aproaching middle age for dogs .before i get to venrable age of 12 ,i would like to break record for most shows seen by a dog . what adventures would you like to do before you die ??

"I would like to do something that's really not like me. become the opposite of me, I am going to start doing really unexpected things and see if my family and friends notice. I also really need to learn swedish and french."

i ask many briliant comedians this ,because it very dear to my heart . what is your favorite edimbrugh place for walkies ??

"Arthurs seat. I love it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much."

as a dog ,i reject the term "mans best friend" as bein sexist ,as i am a feminist ally and love all 5star humans equaly . do you have any special ways of dealin with nasties who troll feminists ?? i find that bitin their bum is efectiv

"This is a hugely complex question, but I am sitting on a rock in the corbierres on holiday, doggy, full of red wine, and so I don't want to give you a depressing answer. everyone has their own way of dealing with trolls. I just decided not be bothered by them, and now I'm not."

.in the past ,you have done amazin shows as a ant ,and also a king charles spaniel (i think that is right). do you ever plan to do more shows where you play a animal character to tackle big questions of life ??

"I am not ruling anything out, or anything in. perhaps we can do a show together like that woman who won that talent show? I thought that act was a bit shit and boring to be honest."

you released exelent "a book for her" to much critical aclaim . why not also do a book for dogs with lots of smells !! if you were to do a book for dogs ,what are your favorite smells that you would put in it ??

"Thanks ! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do a book for dogs. My fave smells are; wild mint, wet soil, rain, Jo Malone's Basil and something (I think its mandarin), my kids, a wood fire that's gone out."

Bridget Christie: Because You Demanded It, Citizens Theatre, 18 Mar, 8pm, £16/£14.