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Blog by Dan March | 23 Aug 2009
  • The Dullest Blog: Comedy ramblings to inspire the dullest moments of your week

'Oh my god he's almost semi famous' screams a young Scot at Sean Hughes, this is then followed by someone else shouting 'Sean! He's my f@*king idol'. It's three o'clock this morning, I'm at a chippie near the Gilded Balloon and Sean just wants to get some chips.

I've been enjoying the Festival a lot so far – everyone seems to be agreeing that it's a 'very nice this year'. Numbers are up, shows are good and people are happy.

I love the Gilded Balloon – it has a unique atmosphere. My first show 'Lovepuke', at the old GB on Cowgate back in 1999, was an amazing experience and not just because I was in a sell-out award-nominated show (ahem...) but because I was also working behind the bar every night. So I really felt part of a family – both performer and staff at the same time.

'Goldrunner' is my fifth show here and my second solo show. Last year the rain dampened everyone's spirits and also the festival felt slightly harsher - more cynical maybe? But this year a number of acts and shows have stayed away fearing low audiences because of the credit crunch – so you could be forgiven for saying that those performing this year really care, want to perform and love Edinburgh for what it is – and so the Festival seems a warmer and friendlier place.

I was asked recently 'What do you want to get out of the Festival this year?' and my first answer was 'To make people laugh'. My second answer would probably be 'Chips with salt and sauce' and my third answer, when I'm a bit drunk at 3am, might be to hear someone say 'Oh my God, Dan March, he's almost semi-famous – wasn't he on Blockbusters?’.

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