ICYMI: Rachel Jackson on Amy Schumer's Growing

No room for haters here! Growing is all about love and loving for both its star Amy Schumer, and comedian and actor Rachel Jackson

Article by Rachel Jackson | 03 Jun 2019
  • Amy Schumer

People who publically declare how much they hate Amy Schumer are the type of people proud that they don’t like Game of Thrones or something equally as popular. I find it odd how lonely you have to be to use Twitter to let your 119 followers know why they and the millions of people worldwide are so wrong. So this is my chance to fangirl over the world's hottest current female stand up and say, "Praise be, bitch."

I first discovered Amy Schumer’s talents when I watched Trainwreck and saw she starred, wrote and co-produced the film. I fell in love with it and with her. Hard. Her stints hosting SNL, her Leather Special on Netflix too. Even the concept was funny – that every comedian has a special where they are wearing leather and someday they’ll look back on it full of regret. So jokes.

Fast forward a few years and her latest special Growing is now on Netflix which is like a two birds one stone kinda title as she's pregnant during the filming and her career has skyrocketed.

She has the most amazing delivery and comic timing so it always baffles me when people seem to hate her as much as they do. It’s almost like they don’t think it’s attractive when a woman is multi-talented, crazy successful and doesn’t give a flying fuck what Brian from Bristol thinks about her. She also seems like a cool and nice person off stage too.

She has a bit about being pregnant and how awful it is and it’s such a sharp, refreshing change from all the positive nonsense you usually hear about it. She says she’s the same amount of pregnant as Meghan Markle (coincidence much?!) but they couldn’t look any more different – she does the funniest impressions of her. 

That’s another thing about Amy Schumer. All the voices she does taking the piss out of people. It’s like that wee baby voice really condescending people seem to talk with and the faces she pulls while doing it are so, so funny. 

She also has a bit where she shows her autistic husband’s drawing of her while she was in the hospital and how her sisters warned her not to be mad cos he ‘tried really hard’. She puts it up on the big screen for the audience to see and it’s hilariously bad! 

As well as being funny, she’s sensitive too. She talks in great detail and with such poignancy about how all of the things that make her husband unique because of his autism are exactly the reasons she fell in love with him. 

I know it sounds cheesy but I actually cried at the end. Her last joke is so perfectly crafted, delivered and politically on point and I just felt so inspired; seeing a woman I love smash her dreams to smithereens and feeling so determined to do the same. 

Rachel Jackson is an actor and comedian. She's one of the stars of 90s Scottish rave movie Beats, currently in cinemas