Fringe Dog's Guide to Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

Froget willpower, try dog power

Feature by Fringe Dog | 12 Jan 2018
  • Fringe Dog

create culture of positve reinforcment

it said you can't teach an old dog new tricks . o boy , well we all gettin older !!! i sometime worry : 'will all my facilities stay intact ??'

the old sayin is a bit harsh on old dogs . when you teach puppy new trick it matter not how long it takes . you give pup praise , you say 'good dog' & 'here is biscuit' . but , when you teach old dog new trick , and it take a bit of time , you grow impatient . then the digestve tin go back in the cupboard , you tut , and you say , 'i think uncle piper's mind is going' .

in same way , it easy to give yourself hard time – not to mention poor uncle piper !!

if you want to keep resolution , to train new behavor , you need culture of positve reinforcement . let us look at very common resolution : losin weight .

to stick to diet it important you associate effort with reward . so evry time you manage food portion succesfuly , give yourself big treat !! now , you could use sound of clicker or whistle , but for weight managemnt i recomend a big bag of choco drops !!! choco help you stay precisly the shape you is , which for what it is worth , i think is very perfect . 5stars to you .


there is new app that makes joggin into game , it have amazin story on earphones about zombies chasing you !! o boy , it ingenius , like briliant immersive theatre . but maybe one snag ... zombies not real !! it not like in briliant game of fetch where stick is always real . if stick was make-believe , dogs wood sit in park sayin 'fetch what ??'

but, you say 'c'mon fringe dog, zombie less borin than stick !!' ok , you need to make joggin more excitin . then , follow me to kincraig wildlife park in highlands . you see them ?? don't worry , now let us gently introduce ourselves to pack of wolf cubs . o boy !! they is so playful !!!

uh oh ... look out !! protectve mother wolf is comin for us !! as precution,  i think we better run !!! o boy , we not bored now !!

always be best frend

you have resolution to spend more time with family & friends . first question you have to ask yourself ~ why you lose touch in first place ?? was it realy you just too busy ?? do not despair , all frenship face dificulty from time to time . we sometime treat close frends the same way we treat sport referee . when they have good game they invisible to us , we take for granted , but when they make slight mistake we shout , ' you ignoramus , your blunder cost us title at crufts !! ' ( i apolgies for bad manners while makin this point )

persepctve and forgveness in relatonship is important , but one thing i can help you with right now is with listenin . listenin is something human find a challenge ... but have faith , it not your fault !!! you only have six muscle in each ear . yet it not always the braun of ear that problem . when a frend is talkin do you butt in , give advice and talk about yourself ?? o boy , i sorry to tell you this is exact oposite of listenin !! i hope it not arrogant to say , but when have you ever seen a person talk to dog and not feel better afterward ?? never , that's when !!

there is no dog conspiracy to secret and art of listenin . i share method with you : next time a frend need your ear follow this dog lead : 1) sit , 2) muzzle up 3) have a big old pant . i promise this method work for all but the most serious of human problem !! o boy , you is now 5star listener and can keep resolution to be better frend .

love from fringe dog