Fringe Dog's guide to Edinburgh

edinburgh is the crunchy peanut butter of cities !!! every august i bound around sniffin’ out 5star comedy and even when the festival is over 'auld reekie' is still a pup's paradise !!!

Article by Fringe Dog | 06 Jul 2023
  • Fringe Dog

top spot for walkies

the water of leith walkway is twelve scenic miles of peace and love waggin’ through the city. a word of warnin’ though: it's a long way to go without a 'comfort break' – find a friend to walk behind you with a plastic bag and scooper, just in case you need to "shake your booty" !!!

best water station

one dog year ago i supped my first bubble tea !!! sad story: it became a habit i just couldn't scratch. the teenagers in the st. james quarter even started calling me names: "slurp puppy", "mister fursty" and "bubble flea" !!! now, when unbearable temptation strikes, i go to the puddle at the west end of princes street and gaze into the pool, soberly reflectin' with another doggy who looks just like me !!!

best place to bury your treasures

in 2020, when all live comedy was cancelled, o boy, i thought it was doomsday !!! for safekeepin', i buried my most prized possessions – a vip pass to underbelly's abattoir bar (unused) and a squeaky toy i'd chewed to resemble daniel kitson !!! alas, i can't recall which of edinburgh's seven hills i buried them under…

where to find your new best friend

i like to perch on a window seat at a bar on picardy place called the street, where i give friendly bow-wows to the welcoming folk that pass by. once, i even shared a platonic bowl of nachos with a guy who was the spit of robert louis stevenson !!! he said, "ahoy there pirate, shall we move on to cc blooms?". o boy the cabaret there was spectacular !!!

edinburgh dog and cat home

many dogs are dismayed by the volume of cats in this kennel !!! sadly, we're conditioned to see all hissin’ felines as pukin’ furballs who'd sooner smote you in the face than let you play in ‘their’ territory – but you mustn't think me prejudice !!! edinburgh dog and cat home helps my pals from both species find fur-ever homes. i'll be donatin’ my journalist's fee towards their peacekeepin’ mission – follow my lead and show them some love !!!

love from fringe dog