Fringe Dog's 2017 Christmas Message

A traditional Christmas address given by comedy journalist Fringe Dog, with a story that shows friendship can be found in the most unlikely places

Feature by Fringe Dog | 11 Dec 2017
  • Fringe Dog

many dog years ago , there was famous christmas truce . o boy !!!

if you thinkin i mean solders in world war part one , you are very briliant ! they left trenches at christmas to play football and sing silent nite . 5stars for them . but i actually thinkin about special truce in dog historie . and it grate honor to tell you in christmas message because this truce happen at my old home .

maybe because i now 8 , i think more often about the past . i spent some time in my youth living at famous place in battersea , london .

you may well ask , how you get there fringe dog ??

i must be open and honest with you . i once responsible for big mix up in my first house when  i invite in a group of trapeze artistes for special pop up performance .  it misfortune that they turn out to be notorius band of burglars !! luckily , the review i write in my jotter was thorough and provide clues to help police eventualy nab them . but , after this , i move out for everyone protection .

at battersea , i meet teachers who let me chew newspaper (i digestin the arts section !!) and they help me channel diggin habit . they tell me that diggin is good for investigatin and ask , "Have you considered a career in journalism?" . i like that they always use method of carrot and not stick . and  o boy  it even better when carrot is actually crunchy biscit !

but i been digressin .

it important that every christmas i return to battersea roots . i help put 5stars on top of tree , teach new pups simple pleasure of reviewing cracker jokes and watch cat and dog pantomime . ( panto is old form of street theater and perfect for autonomus animals . it started in italy , which may explan why italian greyhounds are so excelent at it )

back in old days , battersea was a home for dogs and for dogs only . but victorian london also have big problem with strange cats [stray? – Ed.].   just think , if you had hundreds and thousands of strange cats , where is the last place you would put them ?? what superb 5star twist !!

today , my old home has long and proud history of putting ancient cat and dog rivalry to one side dish . o boy , this truce is not always easy !! take our christmas pantomime : one year we tried dick whittington and his dog ~ it cause grate uproar !!   now , cats have submit 101 persians : an intricat pantomime about geo politics in modern day gulf . it ambitious and very slinky , and it lappin up all budget  . 

despite our diffrences , pantomime help us work and laugh together . remembre , it not matter what your background or walkies of life you from , laughter is for all .  maybe one day we bring 101 persians to edimbrugh !!

i wish you a very happy 219 days until next fringe .

love from fringe dog .