Found Footage Festival: The videos they wish they'd discovered

As the mighty Found Footage Festival returns to the UK with a selection of weird and wonderful VHS tapes, festival founder Nick Prueher laments some of the videos they wish they'd discovered

Feature by Nick Prueher | 07 Apr 2015

We are deliberately old school in our approach and do not include any videos from the internet in our show – they all have to be on VHS – but we do occasionally run across videos we wished we had found first. That's what this list below represents.

Super Broker Shuffle

Perhaps the video we most wish we'd found, the Super Broker Shuffle is a 1985 corporate video by the Southern Food Brokerage organisation. It was clearly an attempt at a "fun" parody of the Chicago Bears' smash hit Super Bowl Shuffle video, except instead of charismatic all-star athletes rapping it's old white grocery store men. We've watched this hundreds of times, parsing the lyrics and trying to decide on our favourite rapper. Currently, it's Charlie Carson.

Gyspy Wedding with Fireworks

Weddings lend themselves to awkward moments but we've never seen a more tension-filled ceremony than this one. A friend or family member must have thought it was a good idea to have pyrotechnics involved, but it obviously wasn't very well thought through, and the bride looks terrified throughout. If you liked the 'Sister Christian' drug deal scene in Boogie Nights, you'll love this chaos-filled wedding video.

Keyboard Cathy

Where has Keyboard Cathy been all our lives? She sings, she teaches, she floats around a loosely green screened background, she stirs peanut butter. This ode to the sandwich spread features lyrics like, "It's sticky, it comes in a jar, and lots of people like it." Turn your computer speakers up and enjoy the ride!

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Found Footage Festival's Salute to Weirdos comes to Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds, 20 Apr; Liverpool Small Cinema, 24 Apr; Leadmill, Sheffield, 25 Apr; and the Deaf Institute, Manchester, 26 Apr