Best Heckle: Krystal Evans

Love them or hate them, heckles happen to even the most experienced comics, and Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2019 finalist Krystal Evans is no stranger to audience jibes

Article by Krystal Evans | 25 Mar 2019
  • Krystal Evans

I was on at a wee Scottish gig where an English comedian was opening the show and he kept slagging off the town and the venue. To his surprise all the locals in the audience weren’t digging it. He then asked some very old people in front “Why did you come to a comedy show if you don’t want to laugh?” And the like 89 year old guy said “We love to laugh, just not at you, you’re rubbish.” It got a huge laugh. The comedian couldn’t win them back after that. 

Another time, I was gigging in Dundee, and it was actually going really well, but there was a group of rowdy young guys in the front. I was doing a bit about how I miss smoking weed now that I have a kid. A guy said to me “You should smoke weed again, maybe you’d be funnier.” So I said “Joke’s on you buddy cause I am high.” OK, so it’s a decent heckle and more just an excuse for me to tell my zinger of a comeback. Zing zing. 

Krystal Evans is appearing at Glasgow International Comedy Festival in Infiltrate with Krystal Evans and Matt Watson, Jest Below @ Mango, 29 March, 10pm, £8/£7