Stand Up featuring Kevin Bridges

Comedians cut their critical eye on what's braw and what's naw.

Feature by Kevin Bridges | 10 Jul 2007
A weekend spent in Glasgow city centre has, unconsciously, provided the fuel for my list of BRAWS and NAWS. Hardly a surprise then, that despite the recent nice weather, I witnessed more NAWS than BRAWS -

Cocaine, does everyone take cocaine? This isn't an anti-drugs rant but it's fucking everywhere! A one time drug of kings, nowadays you've got apprentice panel beaters snorting it through pound notes off toilet seats, in pubs in Partick! - NAW

Hearing an intoxicated youth, finally conceding his battle against refusal into a nightclub, cry in defiance… "Yer club's fuckin' shite anyway" - BRAW

People who refer to Glasgow as 'GlasVegas'. These people have obviously never spent any time at The Tote bookmakers in Hawthorn Street - NAW

Seeing a wet dog shake itself about in an attempt to get dry - BRAW

Over priced designer gear. People spend 90 quid on a T-Shirt because it's apparently a 'Good Make'. Ask them why it's a 'Good Make'...??? It's because it's 90 quid. Ask them why it's 90 quid??? it's because it's a 'Good Make'. Ask them why it's a 'Good Make' it's because it's 90 quid... etc etc.- NAW!!!

Subway Steak and Cheese with Southwest Sauce - BRAW

"I wanna have your babies." Everywhere I go Natasha Beddingfield's new song is on the radio. Anyone who is that irritating shouldn't be allowed babies, she should have her uterus confiscated. - NAW

Kevin Bridges will appear at the Glasgow Stand Jul 8 and the Edinburgh Stand 15 July.