Saj Chauhdry

I'll put that on vibrate and shove up it up your arse!

Feature | 16 May 2006
Where you are from?

No. of years in comedy?
5 1/2

What's your favourite onstage experience?
Oban Comedy Club, what an amazing crowd

Worst onstage experience?
A pub in Duntocher. Everyone talked through my set so I stopped and read the newspaper out loud. Nobody noticed.

Best heckle received?
A mobile phone going off with an annoying tone

Best comeback to a heckle you've handed out?
I'll put that on vibrate and shove up it up your arse!

What's the freakiest thing that has happened in your life?
The person above thought that would be a cool idea! FREAK

If you could take three meals to a desert island what would they be?
I'd take a fishing rod and fish because if I take stuff it'll only go off

Who are three people you would like to have to dinner and why?
Paul Weller, as he is a great songwriter and musician and I 'm a huge fan. He could bring two friends and I'd be happy to talk crap

How would you fix the world right now?
Sadly only divine intervention will sort out this mess!

What is most hated appliance and why?
The iron because you still have to do the ironing.
Saj Chauhdry performs at the Glasgow Stand on May 7, May 16 and May 18-21.