Idle worship

Local comedian Teddy tells of meeting his comedy hero.

Feature by Teddy | 11 Sep 2008
  • Teddy

When i was around 13-14, I'd watch Lee and Herring's Fist of Fun on BBC2. Along with Sean Hughes' Sean's Show, it was probably my most formative comedic experience growing up. Imagine my excitement then when, around eight years ago, Stewart Lee was playing at The Stand in Edinburgh and after the show I was introduced to him. What to say? What clever nuance of his work would I pick up on? What eloquently put opinion would I agree with? Lost for words, I babbled "You know when you were talking about Name That Tune with Eamonn Andrews? I can only remember it with Lionel Blair."

The great man looked at me with what was probably politely masked disdain and said "Oh. Right. I don't remember it with Lionel Blair. I think I was probably going out by then." Christ. I felt like i'd just been introduced to the Dalai Lama and used the moment to ask his opinion on Fraggle Rock.

If I ever get to meet Alexei Mikhailichenko (google him), I'm hoping I don't blow that one too. "So Alexei… do you ever actually eat Chicken Kiev?"

Teddy is hosting Bastardmind, a quiz night run by former Amazing Bastards Steven Dick and Allan Miller, at the Glasgow Stand, Mon 29 September, 20:30