Club profile - quick-fire Q & A with Bruce Fummey

Comedian/ organiser Bruce Fummey gives us the skinny on the comedy scene north of the Tay.

Feature by Emma Ainley-Walker | 07 Nov 2007
Name of Comedy Club? Just Laugh

When/ Where? Fat Sam's, Dundee on the first Saturday of the month. I also run one in Perth at City Nightclub the first Friday of the month.

When did it start? I started the club in Perth in September 2004, then the one in Dundee in March 2005.

In other comedy clubs in Scotland Dundee is a punchline, can you defend the city? To be honest as a St Johnstone supporter Dundee is often the butt of my jokes too. Although it has to be said that Dundonians are an extremely friendly, down to earth people who have the ability to laugh at themselves. It's been noticeable when I've handed out flyers for the Just Laugh comedy club outside a Billy Connolly show in Perth and been told by people that they were 'not interested'. WHAT?! But in Dundee people take the flyers in the street and say 'Thanks very much.' It's a mark of how open Dundonians are compared to my own home town.

Which city is the put down equivalent in Dundee? Anything about Fifers usually does the trick.

Who's your favourite comic who has played your gig? Probably Paul Sinha. Not only is he a fantastic comic, but he is a great guy. Even after a nomination he still comes and plays our provincial clubs. He fills the room and goes down a storm.
Just Laugh, Fat Sam's Night Club, Dundee, 8 December, 9pm, £9, featuring comedians Bob Doolally, Des Clark and Gary and Stu's improv group.