Braw or Naw

Canadian comic, Stewart Francis casts a critical eye over what's braw and what's naw braw in the general scheme of life.

Feature by Stewart Francis | 01 Apr 2008
  • Stewart Francis

Braw: Ant
Naw: Dec
Braw: The friendly, helpful people in London.
Naw: Sarcasm
Braw: Urinating on your former boss's car knowing that no one will ever find out.
Braw: Being a guest on the very last Parkinson
Naw: Being a guest on the very last Parkinson and not once even mention the honour or the man's legacy. Instead, you crowbar your stand-up act into the segment because you are in desperate need of attention.
Braw: Fishing
Naw: Being a carp
Braw: A democratic Iraq thanks to America
Naw: Sarcasm
Braw: Harry Hill's TV Burp
Naw: The Big Yin on Parkinson

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