Alan Carr

The stench of fake tan emanating from the spot where Il Divo was standing

Feature by Lara Moloney | 15 Feb 2006
  • Alan Carr

Where are you are from?

No. of years in comedy?

Best on stage experience?
Performing on the Royal Variety Performance and knowing just five minutes before Il Divo had been standing in that very spot

Worst on stage experience?
The stench of fake tan emanating from the spot where Il Divo was standing

Best heckle received?
Nothing that inspiring really just the usual: faggot, bender, arse bandit, marmite miner, uphill gardener – you get the picture

Best comeback to a heckle you've handed out?
I just ignore them and think of the money

What's the most freaky thing that has happened in your life?
Getting into the world of comedy, living like this is so freakish

What are you up to next?
Once the Friday night project is over I will hopefully get back to my writing and do a comedy tour

If you could take three meals to a desert island what would they be?
Tiramisu, yum, I always have that as a dessert
Jacket potato and tuna mayo
Chicken korma

Who are your three favourite comedians?
Eric Morecambe, Lee Mack and Steve Hughes

Who are three people you would like to have to dinner with?
Adolf Hitler (just to get the neighbours talking)
Jack the Ripper (he could carve the chicken)
And those Siamese twins joined by the head (one's a country and western singer and I think they'd make a great talking point)

How would you fix the world right now?
Ban religion, oh and make tiramisu our national dish

What is your most hated appliance?
The iPod; I don't know what they do. Everyone's got one and I haven't and it just makes me feel old and out of touch with the kids, and lets face it, I'm not getting any younger am I? Also now they've brought out an iPod nanna or something - don't even go there.

Alan Carr appears at The Stand in Glasgow on Fri Feb 17 and Sat Feb 18, and on Channel 4 at 11.05pm on The Friday Night Project every Friday with Justin Lee Collins.